1 Etsy / Business / Shop / Real Estate / Set - $200

Includes set up, staging, and editing hours for up to 10 products; 1 house; 1 business.

For larger shops, up to 20 products - $400. 

1 Family / 1 Project Per 1/2 hour - $200 

Includes editing hours and 10 art images from your location of choice.

Extended/Multiple families during same 1/2 hour - $400; includes 15 art images.

1 Individual / Head Shots - $100 

Includes editing hours and 5 art images from your location of choice.

1 Senior / Graduation / Birthday Photos Set Per 1 hour - $400 

Includes editing hours and 20 art images from your location of choice.

Professional Photo Editing - $20 per image  

Professional editing of YOUR personal photograph, and/or the addition of text, graphics, turning your image into a printable card, banner or poster for an event, brushing up an old photograph, etc. 

Ala Carte - per image additional - $20  

Photographs professionally edited for your use. Includes copyright release for personal use and unlimited printing. You may choose as many or as few final images as you wish. If a particular size is needed for portraiture, please request (8x10, 5x7, etc.). 

Pricing differs for non-portraiture events (expos, dedications, baptisms, births, funerals, weddings, etc.), and nonprofit venues (church, school, military). Please write to inquire about these options.


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