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About me...

My adventures in photographic art began at age 6 when my father handed me his old 35mm camera, filled with a fresh roll of film, and we set out on a walk together across the family farm in Wisconsin. Through the rolling fields of color where he grew up, my dad passed down his passion for capturing moments in the world around us. Enamored from that first shutter snap, I have been shooting in multiple formats since.

Today, you'll find me at a variety of musical events and performance as capturing artists of all kinds is near and dear to my heart. I also regularly photograph with local churches, schools, community projects, and humanitarian ventures across Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. I have been honored to work with a diverse array of families, military commands, concert halls, and event venues. My husband has served in the Navy for 21 years, and with our kids and our furry family members, we've experienced life in almost all locations, and know how just how important it is to capture these sacred, fast and fleeting moments in film. I've regularly attended and photographed homecoming events, christenings, commissionings, and change of command ceremonies. In addition to Hampton Roads, I often trek to Washington D.C., the Outer Banks, Charlottesville, VA, and the Raleigh/Durham, NC areas. 

I also adore capturing sacred mother/baby moments (pregnancy, breastfeeding, babywearing), as well as working with older generations -- 100 year birthday celebrations, 50-year anniversary commemorations, etc.


Soleil Life Art Photography, Virginia Beach Concert Photographer

I’ve been entrusted to respectfully photograph funerals and celebration of life events, and am skilled at working from the sidelines, without interfering in a sacred event, to document moments  from a distance.

In addition, I have been commissioned to edit and improve others' photos, and have created a wide variety of the highest quality print materials from scratch -- playbills, yearbooks, venue posters, business cards, invitations, etc.

For the majority of my photographic work, I prefer to utilize natural light photography to create art that I hope you will enjoy for a lifetime! 

See you in the sunshine  ~ or the moonlight!   ☼ danelle 

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