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For families new to Global Christian Co-op, or those who had to miss school photo days in the fall, you're invited to have your photo taken for the GCC 2022-2023 yearbook on Friday afternoon, March 17, at City View Park (2073 Kempsville Rd VB).  We will set up the photo studio tent for portraits after the St. Patrick's Day potluck picnic taking place at 2:00pm. There are bathrooms where you can change your shirt before a photo or touch up hair if desired. You can also email to arrange a photo time another afternoon in Virginia Beach no later than March 17. 

Every individual having a photo taken must have a photo sheet filled out with your name as you'd like it to appear in the yearbook, parent contact information, plus cover the $5 sitting/editing/yearbook photo fee, before your photo can be taken. Please fill out this sheet *before* your photo day. Payment can be made using any of the methods listed at the bottom of the sheet. Students having their photo taken on more than one day will have a $5 sitting/editing/photo fee apply to each day they are photographed. 

Options to purchase prints or digital files for your use are on the photo order sheet sent via email, available in the GCC Facebook group, at the table during photos, or this can be obtained by emailing 


• School photo background will be variegated blues. See Portrait Proofs Here. Password: 2023

• Dark, deep, and solid colors for a shirt look best for these portraits (black, navy, deep purple, deep green, deep mauve, dark brown, solid primary colors, etc.). Colors that do not look best: beige, white, tan, light gray, stripes, or 'busy' patterns. Only waist up is visible in photos. If you wear flip flops and shorts, or have messy hands and feet - no one will know!

• Small items like stray hairs, a food spill or sweat on a shirt, pimples, etc. will be edited out. If your shirt has a small logo or graphic you'd like removed, please make note of this. If you have any area of concern, please share when your photo is taken, or make a note on your photo sheet. Danelle is skilled at hand-editing photos for special requests.

• Photos are taken later in the day because children of all ages tend to have the most natural smiles and are authentically the happiest when they have gotten into their day and had fun with friends, vs. first thing in the morning. This results in better school photos and outcomes for you!


Order your yearbook NO LATER THAN APRIL 1 at: and choose softcover or hardcover. You can add in your personalized photos and additional personalized pages through April 1, 2023. These personal pages print only in your yearbook.

*If you ordered a yearbook last year, use your same email/log in OR you can create a new account with a new email 

*To order a previous yearbook from 2021-2022, email (previous years' books cannot be personalized and incur a $5 shipping fee)  

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